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ACT-AMERICA Science Study Area Figure 1. Sustained airborne and tower-based measurements will be focused over three regional CO2 and CH4 source/sink regions in the U.S. The campaign will build upon and improve the utility of our nation’s existing investment in long-term CO2 and CH4 observations, noted on the figure. The study areas are identified with a box that has the dimensions of the proposed flight patterns.

The three study regions indicated in Figure 1 are chosen because:

  • The U.S. east of the Rockies is the dominant North American biogenic source/sink region for CO2 (Huntzinger et al., 2012) and is a major source region for biogenic and anthropogenic CH4 emissions (Miller et al. 2013; Allen et al., 2013);
  • The regions encompass a variety of biomes (Midwest agriculture, Northeast forests, Southeast coastal forests and agriculture) and oil and gas extraction zones (Bakken – midwest; Marcellus – northeast; Fayetteville/Haynesville – southeast);
  • Each region is large enough to encompass the weather systems that are the target of the study, and the regions encompass a broad range of mid-latitude weather environments.

Investigation Timeline
ACT-AMERICA Investigation Timeline